2018 Peace in Christ Young Women Birthday Idea

Check out below, 2018 Peace in Christ Young Women Birthday Idea,

Each year as a Young Women presidency and advisers we like to give our young women a gift on their birthdays. This year our YW president found these cute necklaces. So I made an insert for them to be attached to.

This insert could be used with any necklace or bracelet, or attached to some other item, such as candy, nail polish, lip gloss, etc.

Click the Free Download below to print.

Here are some other ideas we have done in the past:

- Bracelet attached to box of candy
- Arrow Necklace
- A basket with a variety of things to choose from, note pads, nail polish, lip gloss etc. 

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  1. Thank You! I bought necklaces and earrings I will attaching!

  2. This is just what I was looking for! Going to attach a necklace I made!

  3. Where did she get these necklaces, do you know?

    1. I asked her and she got them off of AliExpress.com

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  5. Such a beautiful and unique necklace.

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