Featured ideas for 2018 LDS Mutual Theme – Peace in Christ (The Red Headed Hostess)

Check out these, Featured ideas for 2018 LDS Mutual Theme – Peace in Christ (The Red Headed Hostess)...

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I was so excited when the Mutual theme for 2018 came out! I think it is so important that our youth understand that they can find peace in Christ in their lives!  You know I love to provide you guys with resources to use throughout the year for your callings! Life has been crazy and I haven't got mine posters and ideas out for 2018 yet, so I thought I'd share an amazing resources with you from The Red Headed Hostess!

They have so many options for from big ultimate bundles with everything in it, to smaller kits. Which still have quite a bit in it and are so beautifully designed!

Let's start with the biggy!! The 2018 Mutual Theme Bundle – Peace In Christ (Digital Downloads), seriously has it all! It is five packages in one bundle with some big savings! Everything from cake toppers to posters and banners. So if you want it all, then this is the bundle to go with!! This one even includes the music! To purchase this Digital Download bundle click the image above!

Time to break it down... The 2018 Mutual Theme: Teach the Theme kit would be great for New Beginnings or an activity or lesson you would teach to get the youth excited about the 2018 Mutual theme! We usually do both. We usually introduce the theme in our 1st week's combined lesson in January. Then also include it in our New Beginnings. To find out what is included in this digital download package or if you are ready to purchase it, click the image above. 

These beautiful printables could also be used as binder covers and as handouts throughout the year.

This is so great you guys!!! Everything you need ready to print for your New Beginnings... 2018 Youth Theme Special Events Package – Peace in Christ (PDF Download). Look how cute the cupcake toppers are!! They have thought about everything and have done such a cute job with it!

Banners, signs, posters, gift tags, etc. Planning a New Beginnings can be stressful! This kit has the planning basically all done for you. Click the image above to find out what is included in the digital download, or if you are ready to purchase it. 

I love how The Red Headed Hostess has partnered with Hillary Weeks to offer this, Hilary Weeks COMBO – Peace in Christ (MP3 Downloads). You guys!!! Click over and listen to the song, it is beautiful!!! It would be perfect to be sung at a New Beginning, Young Women in Excellence, or even to learn and sing it at girls camp!! To find out more about and and to take a listen, or if you are ready to purchase it, click the image above! While your at it have a listen to this one too: Hilary Weeks COMBO – More Holiness Give Me (MP3 Downloads)

The 2018 Ultimate Young Women Leader Kit – COMBO Kit (PDF Downloads) is something you are going to want to check out if you're serving in the YW Presidency!! Um, ya it even have ideas for activities and sheets to help plan them!! The other thing I love about the kit is all of the stuff for Personal Progress!!

How cute are those personalized Personal Progress Tracking Sheets!!! Check out everything that is included in this combo kit digital download, and/or if you are ready to purchase click the image above!

If you don't want everything that is in the Ultimate combo kit, then here is the Young Women Leader Helps COMBO Kit (PDF Downloads), you can check out! Still has a ton of great stuff just doesn't have all of the binder items. Don't you think the cards are cute though!! I know my young women love receiving personalized cards, where I sincerely share all the things I love about them! To view everything that is included in this digital download kit, and/or if you are ready to purchase, click the image above!

Anything that is going to keep me organized is a good thing!! Look how pretty these coordinating binder covers and responsibility sheets are!! This is the 2018 Young Women Leader Binder Covers w/ Editable Calendar – Peace in Christ (PDF Downloads).  I love that there are responsibility sheets for the President and Counselors, Advisers, Secretary and Class Presidencies too! To find out what is included in this digital download kit and/or to purchase click the image above. 

I love all of the options that The Red Headed Hostess has for Journals!! The above is just one of the journals! Journaling is such an important aspect in Young Womens. With almost every Personal Progress experience it asks them to journal about something. In our lessons we can encourage journaling! Often times we can ask a question and invite the young women to write their thought in their journal, then we can ask them to share and discuss their answers and thoughts to the questions. This helps to facilitate better discussions. Which of these Journal designs are your favorite?? To check out all of the deigns and/or to purchase the journals click the image above!

Now let's talk about lessons!! This is a Red Headed Hostess Best Seller right here, 2018 Come Follow Me Study Guide (Spiral Bound Book). What an amazing resource for those who are studying to teach the youth lessons. 

In correlation with the study guide are the lesson helps. And let me just tell you that there are a ton of helps that go along with the Come Follow Me Lessons!! I really love teaching the Come Follow Me program. I love that I can study a topic and specify it directly to what my young women need. That if I come prepared then the Holy Ghost can direct our lesson. It is fun to have visual aid or handouts sometimes for our lessons. I also usually always love to have something for them to take notes on. Check out all of the lesson helps HERE!

If you'd like more Come Follow Me ideas, here's my Come Follow Me Lessons.

Have you guys ever listened to Anthony Sweat??? Wow! I love his, Finding Peace in Christ – by Anthony Sweat – MP3 download audio talk! I could totally see me having this on in the car with my young women as we head to girls camp! I love his explanation of finding peace in our lives!! Wouldn't we all love to have him come and talk to our youth!! Take a second and just take a listen to the first part of one of his talks, click the image above!

Okay... I'll stop now :) I think that you can agree with me that there are some great resources! Look through and see if there is anything that would be beneficial to your Young Womens! Thanks for stopping by and make sure that you check out our InstagramFacebook and Pinterest pages!!

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