2017 LDS Sharing Time Ideas for the Fifth Sunday in July!

Need some ideas for LDS Sharing Time for the Fifth Sunday in July, then read on...

Idea 1: 

A young man in a suit stands in front of his Sunday School class with a young woman.
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Invite the Young Women and the Young Men to teach if there is a Fifth Sunday combined lesson.

This is a great opportunity for the youth to serve, they enjoy doing it and it allows your teachers to join their spouses and the rest of the adults for a combined lesson.

Don't be afraid! As long as you are organized, it will all be okay! I have done this several times and it always worked out! 

If you are concerned about Sharing time and Singing time, invite the missionaries to come help out. You could also do a video lesson during Sharing time. When I did this, we had some amazing Laurels and Priests who prepared wonderful sharing time lessons & did a fabulous job at doing the singing time. 

A simple idea could be that they play a game of I Choose the Right by Living Gospel Principles pictionary or charades game. Or for the youth to share with the primary children their testimonies of Choosing the right.

Idea 2: 

Five three-year-old children sit on small rugs near their Primary teacher, who is showing them art from the Gospel Art Book.
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Teacher Training/Appreciation Opportunity

Maybe you don't have a combined adult lesson the 5th week, you could use this time to do a teacher training/appreciation. Do it during the Sharing time portion. Have a member of the presidency do sharing time & the other 3 members do the teacher training.

Still have the teachers teach their classes, but when it is sharing time, they will go to a teacher training/appreciation. If your Sr. & Jr. are split up & you do two sharing times, then do two teacher training/appreciations. :) 

This is a great opportunity to make sure everyone is on the same page and for teachers to share their ideas. Invite them to share what is working in their classes as well as any questions or concerns they may have. 

I always found that primary runs so much more smoothly when the teachers know that they are appreciated and that their thoughts and opinions are valued! One role of the primary presidency is to support the teachers in their callings.

For some ideas check this post out: LDS Primary Teacher Training/Orientation and Handouts

Idea 3: 

Singing Time the Whole Time

The primary program is coming up in a few short months and I am sure the primary music leader would love the opportunity to have more time to practice the songs or do a fun activity with the songs!

Idea 4: 

I Choose the Right by Living Gospel Principles Review

If none of the above will work for your primary and you want to a sharing time, why not do a review of what has been taught the past two months?!?

Use Pictures from the Gospel Art Kit about Living the Gospel Principles, place these pictures around the room. Invite a primary child to choose one of the images bring it to the front of the room and share an experience of how they have choose the right by living that principle.

I hope these ideas were useful!! If you'd like other ideas check out the Ultimate List of Sharing Time Ideas for July. Best wishes to you and your primary!!

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