Relief Society Visiting Teaching Message Ideas for June 2017: Priesthood Power through Keeping Covenants

Relief Society Visiting Teaching Message Ideas for June 2017: 

My Thoughts:

I love this month's message about the priesthood. The priesthood power is available to us all.

This month in Young Women's class we have been learning about the priesthood. As I have been preparing to teach a lesson about how we receive power and blessings from the priesthood, I have come to a greater realization of the extreme importance of the priesthood!

I think it is a wonderful thing as a women to learn more about the priesthood. For we can receive all of the blessings of the priesthood.

What I have learned is that their is a difference between Priesthood Authority and Priesthood Power. As stated on

"There is a difference between the authority of the priesthood and the power of the priesthood. Priesthood authority comes from ordination. Power comes from personal righteousness."

As God's children, covenant keepers and members of his church we are able to receive those blessings and power of the priesthood. We do this as we keep our covenants and live righteous lives. 

I have loved studying and learning more about the priesthood. Doing so has made me realize how important the priesthood is, as well as how it is in every aspect of our lives.

As a women I am grateful for the blessings I receive from the priesthood and the power it gives me as a keep my covenants. It has helped me in fulfilling my callings, being a mom, serving others and pretty much in my everyday life! :) 


Sometimes it's fun to give our sisters something when we go and visit them! Here are some ideas:

Attach printable to a sweet treat :)

I hope these ideas have been helpful. Really the most important thing is that your sisters know you care about them, that you are their friend :) If you'd like more Visiting Teaching Ideas follow my Visiting Teaching Pinterest Board

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