Why Everyone Needs to Go See the Movie, "Love, Kennedy"!

Read below, why everyone needs to go see the movie, "Love, Kennedy",

Disclosure: I attended this movie premiere for free, I am not being paid for this review. All thoughts are my own. See Full Disclosure Policy.

This past week my hubby and I were able to attend the movie premiere of the T.C. Christensen film, "Love, Kennedy"

I have been anticipating this film for months! It was so intriguing to me, because I had heard the local story a couple years ago and it all took part where I grew up and at the school I graduated from, Fremont.

So, why is it that I think that everyone needs to go see this film???

First, Kennedy was the greatest example of faith, her story will increase your faith.

"Love, Kennedy", is a story of a sweat little girl who despite her tremendous challenges she never lost faith in her Father in Heaven and his plan for her.

We can learn so much in our lives from her story. She saw things in a positive light, loved her Savior and had faith in her Heavenly Father.

Second, the movie is full of LOVE!!  Actually, as I am writing this, I am feeling quite emotional as I think of the immense love, this film portrays.  

The perfect love and charity that Kennedy herself shows those around her. As well as he deep and sincere love her family, especially her parents have for Kennedy. 

The community, including her fellow classmates at Fremont wrapped Kennedy up in their arms of love. I think that loving Kennedy was contagious. I don't think that anyone who came in contact with her could help themselves. She was just too amazing of a young women!

Third, miracles!! TC Christensen at the movie premiere said something quite profound. He said that yes, Kennedy's story is sad, but it is also a story of miracles!

God loves us you guys!! I feel this in the very depths of my own soul. He is aware of us. It is not by chance that Kennedy was born into her family. Her family were the perfect people to love her and to help sweet Kennedy through her mission on this earth and to continue it after she left mortality.

The people who Kennedy has touched! It truly strengthens my testimony that we have a purpose in this life. Kennedy had a remarkable purpose. She has been an example of bring other's unto the Savior. Friends, family, and complete strangers have been effected by her. 

Fourth, the ministering of Angels!  There is no doubt in my mind that there is life after death. That our loved ones who have passed on are here for us. 

There are many instances in the film where this is reaffirmed.  Kennedy's family and friends were able to experience something so sacred. As they were there with her in her final moments.

Fifth, the importance of time. I was able to have a quick little talk with Kennedy's parents. Who by the way, I think the world of! When I asked them what they would like everyone to take away from Kennedy's story, they said that one of the things was, time. The importance of spending time with your children.

We truly never know what our timeline is like on this earth, we are not guaranteed anything. Each moment is precious. Kennedy's family made the most of each moment. Giving her opportunities to achieve her dreams. We can learn so much from them. 

If you are still on the fence of whether to go see this film, visit Kennedy's Hugs Facebook page and read the thoughts of her parents and their experiences with Kennedy. Have a tissue box handy!!!

Kennedy's hugs opens in theaters in Utah June 2nd 2017!! Click here for the official movie trailer.

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