A Trip to Africa: Finding Peace, through Compassion and Hope. #PRINCEofPEACE

A recent trip to Africa resulted in finding peace, through compassion and hope...

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As I was thinking about someone in my life who has shown great compassion and hope, my friend Amy, instantly came to my mind.

My friend Amy, is just one of those people who you could say, has a kind soul. It is no wonders, by profession she cares for others. Amy is a nurse anesthetists, she takes away the pain in others for a moment, so they can receive the treatments they need.

Recently, Amy had the opportunity of going to Africa on a humanitarian trip. I was dying to hear all about it and what faith promoting experiences she had. Luckily and graciously she agreed to share.

Here is her video interview...

After our interview, I reflected on the experiences Amy shared. I was impressed that these medical professionals would sacrifice their time and money to go and serve the people of Africa. They could have gone on any vacation or used their money to purchase something they wanted. But, they didn't, they chose to have compassion and give people who really needed, it hope.

One of the first things they did upon arrival, was visit the Ghana Africa Temple. What a great way to begin your service, by serving and showing compassion to those deceased children of God. There is no better way of finding peace, then being in the Lord's holy house.

There is great meaning in this to me. In the temple we are helping our ancestors fulfill something they can not do for themselves. In a sense, these medical professionals were doing a similar thing in Africa. These people needed their expertise and talents to help them also do something that they could not do for themselves.  

Much was needed as they traveled to Ghana. It was humbling to hear of what they just had to make do with while they were there. Such as partially working machines, make shift drip lines and plates they had to cut down to size. What they did bring with them was much appreciated and very useful.

Amy spoke of the faith that so many had and how regardless of religion, those who had faith were blessed. Including this native Ghana missionary, who had despite adversity chosen to serve a mission for the LDS church. Faithfully he had been serving and proselyting with his severely clubbed foot. This surgery was a great blessing to him and a result of his great faith. 

One of the things that touched me most as Amy spoke, was the uncompromising love she expressed towards the people she served. Her relationship with her Savior has been strengthened through this great act of compassion. 

There is something special about each one of us on this earth, it really does not matter our race, nationality, or anything else that might make us different. Our differences are what make us so special. We are children of a Heavenly Father.  Making us brothers and sisters, that is our commonality. 

As we reach out to each other with compassion we will bring hope into each others lives and a great presence of peace, both to our soul and mind. 

By Brent Borup

Our Savior was the greatest of examples to us. He spent his time among the sick, the weak, the poor, and those who both suffered physically as well as spiritually. He was no respecter of persons but unconditionally and perfectly loved those he served. 

In what ways can we emulate His grand example in our own lives? This is where a little soul searching will come in. But, I think as my friend Amy, as well as the Savior have shown. It is to truly have an understanding that we are all in this together, we are children of our Heavenly Father and we can love one another as He does.

As we love we will be filled with the desire to have compassion and to serve. That love will influence our actions towards others.

My own testimony of these principles has been strengthened from my dear friend's great example. May we each go about learning the principles of peace from the Prince of Peace and then let our own light be an example to others as well.

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The principles are:

Faith (April 9th)
Compassion (April 10th)
Forgiveness (April 11th)
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Gratitude (April 13th)
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Prayer (April 15th)
Hope (April 16th)

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