2017 LDS Sharing Time Ideas for April Week 1: Jesus Christ is the perfect example for me.

Ideas for April Week 1 LDS Primary Sharing Time, 

2017 Sharing Time Outline Theme: Choose the Right

April 2017 Sharing Time Topic: Jesus Christ Teaches Me to Choose the Right

April 2017 Scripture: “For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you” (John 13:15)

April 2017 Song: Song of your choice about Jesus Christ from the Children’s Songbook

April Week 1 Topic: Jesus Christ is the perfect example for me.


Prayerfully study and think about what the specific needs of your primary are and how you can teach them this doctrine. The most important this is to love those you teach and to teach them by the Spirit!! Focus on building their testimonies and helping them come unto Christ!

Sharing Time Instruction:

To begin Sharing Time, invite the primary children to think about someone who is a good example to them. It could be a mother, a father, a brother, a sister, a friend, etc.

Have them share who these people are and why they are good examples.

Show the primary children the week's theme poster and invite them to repeat, "Jesus Christ is the perfect example for me."

Explain to the primary children that Jesus while on this earth, showed us how to follow our Heavenly Father. He taught us and was an example of what we should do.

Explain to the primary children that they are going to play a little matching game. (Beforehand print out the matching cards, found below by clicking the "Free download" button. Cut them a part and them place them face down on the board.)

The four images for the matching game came from lds.org media library

Explain that there will be one picture card and one scripture card. They need to match the correct scripture card with it's matching picture card. If they do not make a match then they will need to turn them back over and it will be next person's turn.

If a match is made, then as a primary you will read the scripture, discuss the picture and have the primary children share how Jesus was an example.

Continue until all cards are discussed.

Invite the primary children to sing the song, "I'm Trying to be like Jesus". When the song is over invite the primary children to share ways they are following the Savior's example and trying to be like him.

Share your testimony on how the Savior has been an example to you. Close by inviting the primary children to try harder to follow the Savior's example throughout the week. 


Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope that these ideas were helpful. Below are the other topics for the months as well as more ideas and resources.  I'd love for you to check out my InstagramFacebook and Pinterest pages and see if there's anything on there you like!

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***Basic ideas for this sharing time came from the 2017 Outline for Sharing Time, you can find a link here: 2017 Outline for Sharing Time


  1. Thank you so much for sharing you talent and providing such wonderful ideas for sharing time. I come to your site every time I have to prepare sharing time, and I am never disappointed. You have been a great help and inspiration to me in preparing and presenting these lessons to our sweet children. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you so much!! Your comment seriously means so much to me! Thank you! :)

  2. I love your web site and I always stop here first every time its my turn for sharing time. Thank you for your hard work and service.

    Ruth Wise

  3. thanks for all your hard work. I'm having trouble printing the download on week 1. The pages are not lining up right.

    1. Cheryl, Sorry you are having troubles. Are you trying to print from your phone or a computer? If you are still having issues email me and I can send it to you. Thanks


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