All You Need for 2017's LDS Mutual Theme: James 1:5–6 Ask of God, Ask in Faith

Below, you will find all you nee for the 2017 LDS Mutual theme, James 1:5-6 Ask of God, Ask in Faith...

It is always exciting when the new themes for the year are announced!! I know that each year these themes are divinely inspired to help the youth with what they are facing in their lives. This year the Mutual theme is James 1:5-6. Ask of God, Ask in Faith. Isn't this theme absolutely perfect for the youth! Prayer is an essential principle to apply in our lives!  Below I am sharing some printables to help with introducing the theme....

2017 Mutual Theme Poster:

2017 Mutual Theme Poster Version 2:

(This on came about because a viewer said that she loved the ponderize poster I did about this scripture and wanted me to make a poster/binder cover similar to it :))

2017 Mutual Scripture Poster:

2017 Mutual Theme Binder Covers:

Young Women Theme Poster:

2017 YW Newsletter Template:

(To edit, open it up into photo editing software and add text where desired)

2017 YW Calendar:

2017 YW Conducting Sheet:

What else I include in my Binder:
  • Contact List for the Young Women Leaders including Position, Name, Phone #, B-day and E-mail.
  • Contact List for each Young Women group. Including Class presidencies, YW leader and Advisers, those currently in class and those who will be entering throughout the year.
  • Birthday List!!
  • BYC Agenda (This is a formatted page that our bishopric has given to us.  At our class presidency meeting we fill this out so our Class President will be prepared with it for BYC) 
  • Class Presidency Agenda (We use this for our Presidency Meetings along with the BYC Agenda)  Free PDF Download 
  • Class Presidency Binder Packet (I keep this in my binder as well as give it to each one of our Class Presidency Members.  Included is a Welcome Page, and 4 Responsibilities Pages.)  Free PDF Download 
  • Young Women Personal Progress Trackers for each girl in our class. I also love to do everything online!!  You do this by signing onto and then go to Personal Progress Leader Summary. It's great because you and approve requirements online. No lost papers or books, it stays with them as they move on :)
  • Mutual Activity Calendar! I love this because it helps in planning and then it also helps to see what is scheduled for the whole year. 
Want MORE????

I will be updating throughout the year everything centered around this theme.... So keep checking in!! The Links will all be below:


  1. Sometimes it says James 1:5-6 and sometimes John 1:5-6.

    1. Peggy thanks so much for letting me know!! It's that last one I did, I don't know where I got that from!! I'll chance it ASAP

  2. I love your mutual activity calendar! We do not assign our weekly activities the same as your ward though - any way I can edit it for our use? Thanks!


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