Five Important Life Lessons I Received from Watching, "Spirit of the Game" aka "Mormon Yankees" movie!

I was able to attend this free viewing as a blogger. I'm not getting paid for this post, all views are 100 percent mine :)  Click here to view the full disclosure.

During General Conference, previews flooded my screen of a movie titled, "Spirit of the Game"! I was intrigued because it had both missionaries and basketball.  So, as you can imagine when I had the opportunity to attend the premier of the movie, I literally jumped at the opportunity!!

Let me just say, the movie and experience did not disappoint.  My hubby joined me as my date and we traveled down to Jordan Commons, Megaplex to attend the event.

The experience was amazing! Meeting the original Mormon Yankees was a delight. The atmosphere was one of excitement!

So, what were some things I learned about life from viewing the movie??? Let me share a few....

1-  Life does not always go as we have planned out!  Heavenly Father after all always knows what is best for us and what things are going to help fulfill His grand plan of happiness! This important lesson was learned as I watched the lead character, Delyle, go through such an experience.

2-  "Choose things that will help you GROW", maybe not an exact quote, but close to it. This was a phrase that Delyle's father counseled to him at one point in the movie. It struck a chord with me! Isn't that what this life is all about? Choosing things that are going to help us grow, things that will increase our potential, and help us grow closer to the Savior!

3- God gives us personal revelation and will help us accomplish, what He asks of us to do.  I am not going to give away the movie, because I really want you to watch and experience it for yourself. But I will say this, there are times in each of our lives that our Heavenly Father will give us promptings or revelation.  Although we may feel like the world is against us, our Heavenly Father will continue to inspire us and help us achieve that which He asks of us.

4- Amazing things can happen when we find commonalities and work together.  After watching the movie, my husband and I were discussing some things. He said to me that while serving his mission in Hungary, he found how finding a common ground would help with people being open more to the gospel. The same was true in this movie and I am sure would be found in all missionary work. Including member missionary work.  Is it more important to just give a gospel message or to connect with someone, often becoming a friend and share something with them something that is very important to you?!?

5-  The importance of INTEGRITY!!! Yes the way that we conduct ourselves can have an impact on others. As we live lives of integrity it changes the way people think of us as well as how they view the things we represent, whether it be a church, a business or a cause. As I sat in that dark theater, I was in awe, emotions flooded through me as I knew that I was in the presence of these valiant servant of our Heavenly Father. Their faith and integrity is truly inspiring.

So, if you are still questioning whether you will watch this movie or not. Ask yourself these questions...  Do you love missionaries?  Do you love basketball?? Do you want to be inspired??? If the answer is yes to even one of these questions, then this movie is for you!! Is it a movie for youth and children?? Yes, there were several there. We had some sitting right behind us and the were roaring with laughter during several parts of the movie! Take your families, take your friends, take you youth groups and go see it!!!

The movie opens up to the general public TONIGHT, October 7, 2016, in Megaplex theaters, here is the schedule

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