"Ponderizing" Week 7: 2 Nephi 31:19–20

Just in case you haven't heard of "Ponderizing", I thought I would share how I am doing it. 

Here's the new Scripture:

To see previous week's "ponderizing" Scriptures click HERE

Choose the Scripture:

When I was trying to decide how I would choose scriptures, I decided that I would do the Book of Mormon Mastery Scriptures.  I loved doing these as a youth and grew so much, I decided that it was about time I do them again.  It's great because they are all chosen for me, they have "Context", "Doctrine or Principle" and "Application" to get me thinking. Here is a link to the Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery List.

If you'd like to study along with me this week here is the direct link to this particular scripture: 2 Nephi 31:19–20

Decide on How you are going to Display it:

Write it on a post it, type it up, take a picture of it from your paper scriptures, take a screen shot on your phone.  I have been writing it on a post it and displaying it where I would frequently see it, I also have it on the camera roll of my phone. I love this because no matter where I am at I can read over and think about my scripture.

Read and think About It's Meaning & Share it!

Really think about the scripture. Study the scripture. Pick out words and phrases and apply them into your life. Don't keep it all to yourself. Share it!!! Send someone a text, post your thoughts on your social media pages, talk to a friend or family member about what you are studying, as we share we can help strengthen others also.  For me, I go through the scripture and pick something out of it each day. I ponder about it, maybe even read an article about it on lds.org.  Then I post a picture along with my thoughts on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

I'd love to know what scripture you are "Ponderizing" and how you are doing it!! Leave a comment below and let me know what you're doing :)

To see my daily "ponderizing" thoughts follow me on Instagram, here's the LINK!


  1. Great scripture to ponder! I need to find a new place to put mine. I'm finding if I do the same area every week I start to ignore it.

    1. It has really helped focusing on one aspect and writing thoughts about it each day :)


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