Young Women Sail Cupcake Toppers, Great for Young Women in Excellence!

I love hearing from you!! Whether it be in comments, through email, in person, or on one of my social media pages!! I made these cupcake toppers into sail shapes, because of an idea from one of you! If you ever have any ideas of things you would like to see on this blog, let me know.

These cupcake toppers would be so fun to use at Young Women in Excellence. Add it to a cupcake, brownie or any other fun desert bar. You could also add it to a straw for a drink.

To use these as a sail, just simply cut them out, punch a small hole in the top corner and one in the bottom left corner. Insert a lollipop stick or fun straw into it. Or you could simply tape it on the straw/stick. 

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Thanks so much for your support and helping me share these ideas!

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  1. I like cute and simple! Thanks, Kim!

  2. Love these! The theme this year was so great, and your printables are perfect and simple.

  3. They are adorable!!!!
    Kim, would you mind making a Portuguese version?

    1. Thanks Dani! I've sent you an email and I'll post them on the blog today :)

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