A Family Home Evening For that Crazy Busy Day!

Today, was one of those days when we were lucky to even get a bite to eat. Do you ever have one of those days, when you wonder how you are going to fit everything in?  To my kiddos there are a few things that are non-negotiable, which means it doesn't matter the busyness of the day we still do them. They are:  Family prayers, Family Scriptures, and on Mondays, Family Home Evening.  So, what do you do when you are short on time???

Here are some ideas:

  • Watch a video such as Mormon Messages from lds.org or the Mormon Channel.  My kids love doing this, actually this is what we did tonight. We picked a video to watch on lds.org and then we discuss the video and how we can apply it in our own lives.
  • Go on a short family walk and talk to each other.  With all of the busyness  in life sometimes we forget to talk to each other. Going on a walk is a perfect time to do this!!
  • Play a short board game together. My kids are always begging me to play a game.  It's a great time to discuss competition, being a good sport, etc.
  • Make an easy desert together. This I need to take my own advice on. How fun would it be to make some rice crispy treat together, a great teaching moment of kitchen skills. Even better make extra and run it over to a neighbor and discuss serving others.
  • Grab a to-go pizza spread a blanket and have a picnic. This is a great one if you happen to have a kiddo playing in sports, show your support as a family and cheer them on, just remember to save them a slice.  While driving home discuss sportsmanship, supporting family members, and sharing talents.
Whatever it is you decide to do, make those minutes together count. I think that pretty much anything you do, you can bring a lesson into it.   Build those important family relationships and memories, even on those busy days!

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