April 2015 Relief Society Visiting Teaching Message: The Attributes of Jesus Christ: Without Guile or Hypocrisy

March 2015 Relief Society Visiting Teaching Message: 

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My Thoughts:

How incredibly grateful I am for the perfect example of the Savior.  He went about his life teaching the word of His Father. His actions and words were not to please those around him.  He didn't teach one thing and then do another.  The words he spoke were full of truth and power.

I look at the world that surrounds us today and how easily we can get pulled into what is popular. There is so much deception and hypocrisy.  How important it is that we do not get pulled into this world.  When we live our lives with integrity we can be at peace with ourselves, others will more fully trust us and we can be better examples.  I think a life lived with integrity is one where we resist the urge to deceive others, where we stand up and follow what we believe and know to be right. How grateful I am for the atonement of Jesus Christ.  That though I am not perfect, that I am full of inadequacies and faults, I can turn my heart unto him, seek forgiveness through repentance, have the desire to be more pure and perfected and find peace. 

Gift Idea:

This would be fun to attach to a little facial mask packet.

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