2015 Young Women Binder Printables

It seems like what ever calling I have I love to have a binder to keep all of my papers organized in.  Here are some of the printables I used for my Young Women binder. I also made a little binder for each of the Young Women in my class presidency. I used a three pronged folder and put the papers in them. They will bring them to our meetings.  I made these when I was put in, but have just now found the time to share them on here.  Feel free to use them :)  I also send an email to the young women and their parents each month, with a calendar and important info in it. 

Binder Cover

Colored Calendar

Calendar B&W



 Mia Maids


Class Presidency Welcome Letter for Binder

Class Presidency Responsibilities Pg 1

Class Presidency Responsibilities Pg 2

Class Presidency Responsibilities Pg 3


  1. Love these! Thanks for sharing!

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