2015 LDS Primary Ideas: I Know My Savior Lives

The end of the year is filled with busyness it seems. Ask any LDS Primary President, she will say this statement to be true. First, there is all of the prep work for the primary sacrament meeting program, when that is over then the focus centers around getting things ready for the next year. This is how it has been for me anyways, when I've served in primary.  I don't put much thought into the next year until I get the primary program finished.

I love the 2015 Sharing Time Outline Theme: I Know My Savior Lives.  Our Savior should be at the center of our lives, we follow his example in all things and know that his path is the only safe path to follow. It is such an important thing that our primary children learn about the Savior and gain a strong testimony of Him and form a relationship with Him.

If you're looking for ideas on how to write the Primary Program?? Look no further, HERE is the link, to tips, a program outline and a cover for the sacrament meeting program.

Binder Cover:

Sheets to go in manual binders:

Month Calendar:

Conducting Sheets:

Primary Schedule:

Senior Primary in Primary Room First

Junior Primary in Primary Room First


Release Teacher/Leader Thank Yous:

Graduation Idea:

Follow the link to Primary Graduation Ideas

Baptism Ideas:

For this free baptism program printable and many more baptism day ideas follow this link: LDS Primary Child Baptism Ideas

New Move-In's:

Fill in the blanks and attach to a treat.

Great to Be Eight:

For this fun invite and all other fun ideas for the Baptism Preview, click this link: Baptism Preview Ideas

Priesthood Preview:

Here is the link to some ideas and free program and invite printables: Priesthood Preview Ideas

Teacher Training:

Here is the link to Teacher Training/Orientation ideas with free printables: Teacher Training Ideas


  1. These are great--thank you! Do we just click on them and save as a jpeg, or is there a download link I missed?

    1. Thanks Camille! Yes, You can just click on them to open them up and then save them on your computer as a jpeg.

    2. How do I edit the Primary Schedule with my Primary's information?

    3. Penny- They are a jpeg file. So if you have photo editing software you could change them in there. I use a free program called paint.net. Let me know if you have any problems and I can try to convert it into Google Draw and share the file with you.


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