The Beginning of DIY Holiday Crafting...First Stop Halloween: Mummy Gift

As soon as October hits, my crafting senses start to tingle.  Why is this? Well, I love Halloween, there are so many creative options to decorate and fun gifts to give out. Then, come November and the day to give thanks, with turkeys and pilgrims and pumpkins galore! All of these holidays lead up to the ultimate crafting event, Christmas. We will get to that later, I don't want to get to much ahead of myself.

To kick off the DIY Holiday Crafting, I will be posting some fun Halloween/Fall crafts throughout this month.  Some of these will be resurrected from past posts and some will be new. Let the fun BEGIN!

First off, MUMMY drinks:


These are so easy to make and turn out so cute! I made them for my children's school teachers last year, as a thank you gift.

 Items Needed: Drink (these are made out of HUG Barrels, but you could use pop, water bottle, etc.; Strips of Muslin Fabric; Google Eyes; Hot Glue Gun & Glue; Tag; Ribbon or scrap fabric strip.

How to make these cute mummies:  Start at one end of the strip of muslin fabric and just start wrapping and criss-crossing the fabric around the drink.You and do this by twisting the fabric in some places. Just make sure the drink is completely covered with the muslin. To finish off, tuck fabric and hot glue the end in place.  Hot glue the googly eyes onto the front. Print out tags and write a fun message, punch a hole and secure to the mummy with some ribbon, twine or fabric strip.

Keep checking in for more DIY Holiday Crafting Ideas or follow me for the most updated posts. See Ways To Follow links in the sidebar.

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