Social Media Buttons, What Are They and Why Should I Click Them?

Throughout the years that I have been blogging, I have become more aware of the importance of having social media buttons available on my website.  I have to be completely honest it wasn't until recently that I really knew what these buttons were and how they exactly worked. I am still learning as I go.  So, what are these buttons we see adorning most web pages and why should we click on them? I will give you a little break-down of the buttons I have on my page. There are a couple sets of buttons in different areas on the page I will go over each one. Ready, here we go...

Social Media Buttons in the Side-bar under the label, "How To Follow":

This button is the Facebook Button.  When you click on this button, you will be directed to the Life's Journey To Perfection Facebook Page. On the Facebook page you can click "Liked" or "Following". You will then start seeing some of the posts that are posted on the Life's Journey to Perfection Facebook Page on your news feed on your Facebook page.  What can you expect to see posted on Life's Journey to Perfection Facebook page? As soon as I post an article on my blog, I also post a link on my Facebook page. I also post a Gratitude Moment each day. You will also see posts that I might share from other Facebook pages.  If you see something you like then, "like it", "share it", and/or comment on it.  That will ensure that you see more posts.

This is my Instagram Button, and the newest button I have added to my page. Yes, I have entered the Instagram world.  This will take you to my Instagram Page. On this page I will post pictures and sneak peaks into some of the projects I am working on. You can comment and click the heart button to like images.

This is my Google+ Button. If clicked it will take you to my Google+ page. From there you can add the page to your circle. As soon as I make a post on my blog it automatically posts to my Google+ page.  So you will be getting the most current info.  You can click the +1 button, to in a sense like the post. You can comment and you can re-share the post.

This is my Twitter Button.  If clicked it will direct you to my Twitter page.  You can then follow me on twitter. I post little tweets with links to my posts.

This is my Pinterest Button.  If you click this button it will direct you to my Pinterest page for Life's Journey To Perfection. I pin the images of my posts, that can then be pinned or liked on your own Pinterest boards. It is an easy way to see what has been posted on my blog.

This is my email button.  If you have a question or comment that you would like to email to me, then click this button.

The Social Media Buttons at the bottom of each post:

The Email button, allows you to email the post to a friend.

The Blogger button allows you to blog about the post.

The Twitter button allows you to tweet about that post.

The Facebook button allows you to post a link about the post on your Facebook page.

The Pinterest button allows you to pin the post to your Pinterest board

The g+ button allow you to recommend the post on Google.

Other Social Media Buttons:

On each picture there is a "Pin it" button. This allows you to pin the picture with link onto your Pinterest board.

There is a spot in the side bar that allows you to follow the blog by email. It will email you when each post is posted.

There you have my quick little Social Media Button 101...the way I understand it anyways.  I hope you take advantage of these buttons on my site.  Also, a little plug for leaving comments and liking and re-sharing posts.  I love to read comments!!!! Can I say that again, I love to read comments!  I create and write posts and printables, because I love doing it. I love sharing the ideas and thoughts I might have. I love creating things and putting it out there for others to use and gain inspiration form. The payoff, is when I receive a comment, letting me know that what I have written has helped someone or what I have created has inspired someone, or plain and simple you just like it or can relate to it.  When it comes to Facebook, the more likes a post gets the more times it can be seen. So, of course I want you to like and comment, because I want to share my stuff with as many people as I can. I also love to hear from you. I love to hear you thoughts and ideas!! Thank you so much for all the views, comments and the support!

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