Day 8 of the 12 Days of Halloween Fun: Bat Burlap Wreath

Luckily I was given some burlap and I purchased the green wire wreath frame on clearance for under 2 dollars. So this little wreath project was an inexpensive one. I wanted to make a wreath that I could change out the look for each season.  See below how I accomplished it...

Day 8 of the 12 Days of Halloween Fun: Bat Burlap Wreath

The plain burlap wreath completed.  I started by tying a knot onto the green wire frame with some jute, then I just started making loops with the burlap and using a crochet needle with jute stringed on it, I would secure the burlap onto the wreath with knots. See Picture below.

 Back of Wreath showing how the burlap has been secured onto the frame. 

Using the bat printable below. Print the bat on card stock. Then you could either use the card stock bats or you can do what I did and trace the bats onto cereal boxes. Cut them out and spray paint black.  I used a clothes pin to hold the bat while I spray painted it and I also wore gloves. Spray both sides. I then used gold glitter spray and sprayed the front of the bats. After the bats are dry I used an small hole punch and punched two holes in the bat for the twine to go through.

Figure out where you would like to place your bats. Then string the twine through one hole of the bat then with the craft needle string the twine through a couple pieces of the burlap, then back through the other hole of the bat. Tie the twine in a bow. Continue with each bat. FINISHED...A super cute Halloween Wreath! Now to think about what to put on it when Halloween is over.

Free Printable: BATS

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