Day 3 of the 12 Days of Halloween Fun: DIY Star Wars Costumes

One of my favorite things about Halloween are the fun things my children get to dress up as.  They get excited and so do I! We have had some cute costumes, most of them my mom made, some have been store bought, and some I have even ventured into making.  I have to tell you that my favorites by far are the homemade ones!! They are more original, cute and frankly put together better.

For Day 3 of the 12 Days of Halloween Fun, I wanted to share our DIY Star Wars Character Costumes:

Darth Maul: I am not one to ever really use a pattern for the things I sew. A lot of the times I make up my own patterns. For this Darth Maul costume, I made my own pattern, using my son's jacket as a guide I traced it onto some newspaper. I made the sleaves a little longer and added length to the body also, so it would hit down to about his knees. Than I transfered it onto some black fabric, cut it out and sewed it together.  He wore a black shirt under it and some black pants.  Darth Maul being a sith lord had to also have a red light saber. Looking at  a picture I had printed out from the internet, I painted on the Darth Maul face. So fun and one of my favorite costumes!

Yoda: I also used my son's jacket as a guide for the pattern for Yoda's jacket. To tie the jacket shut, I
used some jute. For Yoda's head piece, I used a hood of the jacket as a guide and tried to cut out the shape of Yoda's ears out of foam and fleece. Then glued the fleece shut over the foam.  This was probably the most difficult part of the costume!  I used a long shoe lace to tie the hood on. We couldn't find a green light saber, so Yoda used blue.

C-3PO: I loved making this costume!  I used a little sleeper outfit as a guide and made his hat. This little costume had some little embroidery work to it. All I can say is it kept our little guy nice and warm!

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