October 2014 Visiting Teaching Message : The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Bread of Life

October 2014 Relief Society Visiting Teaching Message: 

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(Attach to a loaf of bread)

My Thoughts:

As I read and pondered this month's Visiting Teaching message, I felt of the Savior's and Father's unconditional love for all of us.  It is so simple, but for some reason at times seems to be so hard. If you think about it, isn't it such a simple thing to rely upon our Savior. To pray each day to our Father in Heaven, petitioning him to bless us with the things we need. To remember our loving Savior's atoning sacrifice, that all we need to do is turn to him to repent and be forgiven and comforted. I am truly amazed at all that the Savior did for us. He has given us life eternal.  

Why than is it so hard to consistently and fervently turn to the Savior?  We get so rapped up in the commotion and busyness of life that we forget to fully submit our selves to him. He is there waiting to help us, but we have to take the step. We have to invite him into every facet of our lives.

I loved this quote by Elder Holland:

"Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles invites us “to join in the adventure of the earliest disciples of Christ who also yearned for the bread of life—those who did not go back but who came to Him, stayed with Him, and who recognized that for safety and salvation there was no other to whom they could ever go.”" (Jeffrey R. Holland, “He Hath Filled the Hungry with Good Things,” Ensign, Nov. 1997, 65.)

I love this part of the quote: 

"...stayed with Him, and who recognized that for safety and salvation there was no other to whom they could ever go.”

Our Savior is the way, the only way to securing our spot in the Celestial Kingdom with our Father.

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  1. Thank you for the free printable! I might be mistaken, but it looks like you are missing the "me" after "cometh to" in the scripture. :)

    1. Thank You Michelle for bringing the mistake to my attention! I just cut and pasted the scripture, the me must have
      got cut off. It is fixed now. Thanks so much! I really need to proof read better, but even then I still miss stuff. :)


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