LDS Primary Sharing Time June 2014 5th Sunday Ideas

There are five Sundays in June, one of these Sundays was Father's Day.  Our primary presidency in our ward decided to do a special Father's Day sharing time on Father's Day.  By doing this we were able to use the given topics for the other weeks.  I thought I would do a quick little post giving some ideas for the fifth Sunday, just in case all of your weeks topics have already been all used up.

Links to Some Ideas for June 2014 5th Sunday Sharing Time:

Family Home Evening on Priesthood Ordinances and Temple Work Bless My Family (June 2014 LDS Primary Topic): This could be easily adapted to a Sharing Time

July 2013 Sharing Time- Week 4- Heavenly Father wants me to marry in the temple and have an eternal family

Family Home Evening- My Gospel Standards: I Will Live Now to Be Worthy to go to the Temple and do my part to have an Eternal Family.

July 2013 Week 3 Sharing Time: The Priesthood Can Bless and Strengthen My Family

Family Home Evening on Hastening The Work (June 2014 First Presidency Message)

If you have not used any one of these sharing times, they would work for the 5th Sunday:

June 2014 Week 1: Priesthood ordinances bless and strengthen my family

June 2014 Week 2: Temples make it possible for families to be together forever

June 2014 Week 3: I can prepare now to be worthy to enter the temple.

June 2014 Week 4: Family history work connects me to my ancestors.

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