We Love Teachers!! Teacher Appreciation Ideas.

My kids have always been so lucky to have great teachers!  I always like to give them a little something at the end of the year to let them know how much we appreciate all of the hard work and extra effort they put forth in teaching our kids. Appreciation, what a wonderful thing!! When given it makes all involved feel happy. When someone feels appreciated they are more likely to continue to do their best, because they know that someone actually acknowledges their hard work and it grateful for it. So, isn't it a wonderful idea to so appreciation to the people who are teaching our children?  I thought I would share some of the ideas of how to show teachers we care and do appreciate all they do. I'd love to hear what things you have done to show appreciation for your children's teachers, please leave a comment below!

Door Decorating:

I made a template for the fish, traced them onto colored paper and cut them out. Then it was detail time. I have these awesome bingo markers that make round dots. so I was able to make the dots that way and do everything else with markers.  ***Tip*** Measure the door before hand and account for things like door handles and hinges and such.  I make everything at home and then bring it to the school to hang it up with a lot of masking tape. 

Again I made a template or the cars and then traced them and cut them out of colored paper.  For the sign I printed them off on the computer and then applied glue to the lettering and then glittered. What kindergarten teacher does not love glitter?  The yellow road lines were just cut out of yellow paper and glued on.
I have seen so many other cute door decorations!!! The ideas are endless!

Homemade Gifts:
I am all about homemade gifts. Here are some ideas...

Paper Flower in Cup filled with favorite candies.  Express your appreciation for your kids teacher, helping them to grow. Click HERE for the link to this post.

The above card could also go with a pot and some real flowers.

A picture frame holder could easily be made out of a 2X4, some paint, scrap book paper and wire. It would be so cute to have a picture of the class and be able to give that to the teacher with the picture holder.
For instructions click HERE.

Here is another picture holder.  On the back, I had my kids write on card stock a thank you note to their teachers. Forgive my painted lettering, I need to get me one of those vinyl lettering machines :)  To do the lettering I printed the wording backwards, then I traced each letter with a pencil. I put the penciled side onto the wood and then with a pen with a lid on it I scribbled all over the back of the paper. This transferred the penciled lettering onto the wood. I then painted each letter with craft paint and a thin brush.  It probably would be easier with a paint pen.

Here is the wording I used for above.  I used the extra card stock, cut it to size of the block and had my children write the thank you note.  I didn't want to waste any card stock  :).

This would be a cute tag to put on any gift.  This is the sang I came up with when I thought about what teachers do and how much influence they have.

This Card Set would be so fun to give a teacher.  HERE is a link.  Another great idea would be to make up a bunch of cards out of card stock and scrapbook paper and put some envelopes with them, tie them together with some twine. Then the teacher could have cards handy when they need them.  One of my friends did this for my birthday and I have loved it!!!

Some Fun Ideas I Found Elsewhere:
Click HERE to a link to my Teacher Appreciation Pinterest Page


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