Family Home Evening on Remembering & Honoring Our Ancestors(Memorial Day)

I really wanted today's FHE to focus on talking about and remembering our ancestors who have passed away, especially those who served our country and fought for our freedoms.

Tonight's Family Home Evening (FHE), was not as much as a formal lesson as I usually do.  I felt that it was important for our family to spend some time having fun as a family.  We were able to go swimming and had a lot of fun.

After swimming we asked our children if they knew why we celebrate Memorial Day. We then discussed with them that Memorial Day is a day we remember and honor those who have fraught and died for our country.  We also pay our respects to our family members who have passed away by visiting their graves and placing flowers on their graves.

We then shared some stories with our children about some family members, my grandpa's, who have both passed away and both served this county where we live.  I was able to tell them about where they served and some stories about them. I also was able to explain to them that both of my grandpas get a special small flag placed on their grave on Memorial Day, because they served their country.

President Thomas S. Monson stated, "When we ponder that vast throng who have died honorably defending home and hearth, we contemplate those immortal words, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13). The feelings of heartfelt gratitude for the supreme sacrifice made by so many cannot be confined to a Memorial Day, a military parade, or a decorated grave." (An Attitude of Gratitude by THOMAS S. MONSON, April 1992 General Conference).

We closed with a Family Prayer.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to share with my children stories about their ancestors who had served their country.  I think it is important to help our children to understand that the freedoms and blessings that we enjoy now in our lives are due to the men and women who have fought for those freedoms. 

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