Ideas for Primary 1 manual, Lesson 12: I Am Thankful for Animals and Lesson 13:I Am Thankful for Birds and Insects

Aren't the Sunbeam lessons the funnest!  I was reviewing this weeks lessons (we missed classes last week, so we are combining #12 & 13 this week) and I had so many fun, cute ideas come to mind.

These would also just be great for preschool or kindergarten, also!

Here they are:

Bee Puppets:

I made these bee finger puppets a few years ago, out of felt.  I traced my finger onto some paper and then made it about 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch bigger. Then I traced them onto the felt, cut them out and sewed them on the sewing machine. For the black stripes I used black yarn and hot glued them around the felt. For the wings, I used black pipe cleaner forming them into winds by bending and twisting, then glued them on with the hot glue.  The eyes were just drawn on with a permanent black marker. And for the little antennas I tied a knot in some black button thread (it's pretty thick and stiff). Then with a needle I sewed it up through the top of the bee, tied a knot right next to the felt and then tied a knot at the end.  I did this for each antenna. Hope that all makes sense.  You could talk to them about what bees do, maybe have some flowers, and you could talk to them about where bees live.  Even sing the "Baby Bumble Bee Song" it can be found here.

Another fun thing might be a small Animal/insect bingo game.  You could use cereal, marshmallows, small candies like smarties or skittles, or you could just use paper for the kids to mark their spaces.

Here is a printable:
Printing tip: Click on the image and save it to your computer, then you will be able to print the image from your computer.

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