General Conference Printable for Primary

I have to say that I absolutely love General Conference.  I love being able to listen to the apostles and Prophet teaches us about the things that we need at this time.  As I prepare myself throughout the week to be able to be in-tune and hear the things that are meant for me, I am also thinking of ways to prepare my children and help them to also get something out of conference.  What we usually do is gather our whole family into one room.  As I intently listen and take notes, my children are surrounded by things to color and other quiet activities. I try to ask them questions or point out what is being said during a specific talk.  I also try to point out to them who is speaking.

Below is a printable that we are planning on giving each of our primary children this next Sunday.  I did the packet all on one sheet since we have over a hundred children in our primary. My counselor had a wonderful idea of giving them an incentive to actually take it home and use it during conference. Her idea was,  after they have filled out the paper during conference, they would bring it back to primary the following Sunday, where they would receive a little prize.  The prize could be anything from a sticker, treat, cookie, etc.

I think it is so important to try to show our children the importance of having latter-day prophets and being able to listen to their modern day teachings.  I know some families have traditions or ways to make the day special, such as serving a special breakfast before conference.  I would love to hear any General Conference traditions you and your family might have.  Or how you help your children be engaged during conference.

Printing tip: Click on the image and save it to your computer. Then you can print the image from your computer.

Here is a link to the General Conference Bingo Printables

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Link to FHE on Preparing for General Conference.


  1. Our family plays "buzz words" I pick little snack foods like gold fish, pretzels, skittles, popcorn, and each Bowl of food is assigned a buzz word, like family, or scripture, and when the kids hear that word they get to grab a snack for their bowl. Littles are kept paying attention with instant gratification, older children are to write words on a paper and make a tally that they can cash in during the next hymn.

  2. Christie- such a fun idea! Thanks for sharing.


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