Free St. Patrick's Day Printable: Rainbow trail

A few years ago, I decided to do kind of  a little treasure hunt for my kids to find their little treat/prize that the leprechaun had left for them.  So, I came up with this printable. The idea is you place the colored shamrocks around the room or house.  They have to follow the shamrocks in order they are in the rainbow to find their treat/prize from the leprechaun.  There is the green shamrock with the little sang on it that tells them what to do.  I placed this next to the leprechaun trap that we had set up the night before. At the end of the trail would be their treat/prize. I used the other green shamrocks and wrote their names on them and attached it to their treat/prize.

Here are some ideas of some fun little treats:
-Chocolate Gold Coins
- Rolos
-Candy Coated Kix(Gold Nuggets)
-Fruity Pebble Treats (Like Rice Crispy Squares)

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