St. Patty's Day Flower/Shamrock Hair Clips: Tutorial

At my children's school the PTA board puts on a box top store every month.  At it the kids bring their box tops in exchange for tickets.  They then go over to the box top store where they can spend their tickets for some fun stuff.  This month, I am donating some items to be sold at the box top store.  One of these items is St. Patty's Day Hair Clips.  Here is a picture of the finish product!

And here is my little Tutorial:

 You will begin this craft by gathering your supplies: - Green felt
- Needle and thread
- Hot glue gun and glue sticks
- Hair clip
- Ribbon

First, cut a strip of the green felt.  Then cut them into 4 rectangles, about the same size. The size will depend on how big you would like your hair clip to be. It should be rectangular in shape.

Next, fold the rectangle in half and round the top with scissors.  See the picture on the right.  When you open back it back up there should be two round humps.

Now, it is time to start stringing them onto the thread.  I like to double up my thread.  That means I fold it in half. The needle should be at the middle point of the thread.  Then tie a not at the bottom. Start fishing your needle in and out towards the bottom of the felt pieces as shown in the picture to the right.  String all for pieces onto the thread this way.

When all four pieces are strung onto the thread, you will pull the thread tight.  So it forms the shape in the picture to the right.  Needle back through the first felt piece and tie both ends of the thread together. Making sure it is knotted and secure.

  Get your ribbon and tie a bow.  I had to melt the ends of my ribbon lightly with a lighter so it would not fray.  Once you have tied your bow you can fasten it to your felt flower/shamrock with some hot glue. See picture to the left.

You are almost done!  Cut a circle out of the green felt. And cut a small slit towards one end. To do this fold the circle in half and make the slit.  This is for the hair clip to go through.  Hot glue the top of the hair clip to the circle felt piece. (I hope this makes sense!) Now hot clue the felt piece/hair clip to the back of the flower/shamrock as seen in the picture to the right.  This can be worn in your hair or on your clothing so you can avoid getting pinched when St. Patty's Day rolls around!

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