Minion Valentine's Box

It was crunch son had to have his Valentine's Day box made to take to school tomorrow. We decided to do "Minion Dave from Despicable Me". After, some glue gun burns here is the finished product.

We used:
-An empty fruit snack box (For Body)
-Yellow paper (to wrap body and arms)
-White paper (used this first to wrap the body, so you couldn't see through the yellow paper)
-Card Stock (for the teeth and eyes)
-Two baby food lids (goggles)
-Paper towel roll (Legs and arms)
-Black Felt (goggle strap, shoes, wrap outside of goggles, gloves)
-Brown paper (eye color)
-Black Paper (pupil of eye)
-Old pair of kids levi pants (for the overalls)
-And of course a glue gun!

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