Pursuit of Excellence: Develop a program of regular exercise. Being Prepared: Finish up Go Bag.

 Last week the goal I had posted to work on was Record memorable spiritual experiences or events in a journal.  Here is the link to the Pursuit of Excellence pamphlet

This week's Goal is:

Develop a program of Regular Exercise.Today, I posted about making the choice to Exercise.  How it can be done alone or a group of friends could get together and encourage each other in the process.  For my recent post and a workout sample schedule click here.

Being Prepared!

Let's review what we have gathered for our bags already:
Obtain a bag to put the items in, backpacks work great.
Gather Personal Identification Information
Change of Clothing
A Comfort Bag
o Bottle of Water & Granola Bars
This weeks goal is to make sure everyone has these items in the bags and to put them in a place that is ready available to grab and go.  I would suggest that each bag be in their bedrooms, where they are able to grab them. 

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