Christmas Craft- Cozy Snowmen (made from socks)

Every year my husbands family has a Christmas Eve party.  Each year we all give each family a little gift.  These Cozy Snowmen were what I did last year.  They are also what I made for my kids teachers.

It was a pretty easy process to make these cute snow people.  You begin with a tube sock.  Cut off the foot portion, so all you are left with is the tube.  Turn the sock inside out, secure one end with an elastic or sew shut, this will be the bottom.  Turn sock so the right side is out. Now, it is time to fill it with rice.  Fill it pretty full of rice.  Then, secure the top with an elastic.  Now, get your decorative sock.  You will need to cut two sections out of this sock.  To do this, first cut the heal portion off.  Then figure out how big you would like the sweater portion and the hat portion to be.  Then make the cut.  Put the sweater onto the tube sock body.  Tie some string or jute around the top portion.  This gives the body and head a little form.  Next, place the hat onto the head.  I hot glue mine down on each side.  Tie some jute or string at the top.  Now it is time to embellish.  I used mismatched black buttons for the eyes.  I used a glue gun to glue all of my embellishments on.  The nose I used some orange pipe cleaner. The buttons on the sweater were buttons or decorative push pins.  On the hats I crocheted some flowers and either placed a bush pin, small jewel or button in the middle. 

My kids each got to choose which snowman went to which person.  They especially liked picking out their teachers.  If I was little bit more patient I could have probably had them help me make their teachers.  

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  1. How fun are they! Barton would have a blast 'helping' make some of those snowmen.


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