Tips on Printing Images from this Site

*** The best option for printing us usually to click the Free Download if available, this will give you the best resolution. If this is unavailable or if the image will not download (sometimes Google drive is down or having issues), then simply follow the steps of clicking on the actual image that is in the post. ***

Okay, there are a few options... First off I want to apologize if there are any problems with printing or print quality.  When I upload the images I upload them at full resolution, for best quality.  This used to work okay, but recently I have discovered that when you click on some of them and pull them up to print they are not at a high resolution. Somewhere in the uploading process it is putting them at a lower resolution.  So frustrating :)  So, I have been adding a free download link. This link is either for a pdf download or in some cases a jpeg download.  If it is available on the image, the free download is definitely the best bet to get the best resolution.

So here are the different options for printing...

  1. Either left click on the top right corner of the image to open it up. Then, you will need to right click on image, scroll down to where it says "Save Image As..."  Save the image to your computer.  Every image I put on here is a jpeg file. Then you should be able to just print it like you would print any other picture from your computer.  Doing this method you might not get the best resolution.  Let me know if you have any problems.
  2. If available click the Free Image Download link or the Free PDF Download link. From here you can either print or save it to your computer
  3. If you are having any problems at all, or if the image is not printing out at high quality. Please email me and I can email you the image. My email address is

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