November 2013 Sharing Time: I am thankful for my body

We are busy practicing and preparing for our Primary Sacrament Meetinprogram, so I haven't got a chance to put together a sharing time.  But I have a fun idea that came to mind that I wanted to share.

At the to of the board have written: We Are To Thank God In All Things
Start by showing a picture of a child and the temple. Could be in the same picture or side by side.  Read 1 Corinthians 3:16. Ask the children what this scripture says.  Emphasis how important our spirits are.  That each of them is a spirit son or daughter of God.  He gave us our bodies to house our spirits. write on the board: I am thankful for my body and I know it is a temple.

Tell the children that we need to show Heavenly Father that we are thankful for our bodies.  We do this by how we treat our bodies and what we do with our bodies.  Draw a stick figure on the board. It needs to have a head, body, legs and arms. Next to the head write D&C 88:124, next to the neck write D&C 89:7, next to the body write D&C 89:8, next to one arm write: D&C 89:9, next to the other arm write D&C 89:10-11, next to the leg write D&C 89:12, Next to the other leg write D&C 89:16-17.  Assign each class one of the scriptures.  Have them read and discuss as a class.  Then ask a class at a time to tell everyone how their scripture says we can show thanks to Heavenly Father for our bodies. Write a word or two of how next to each scripture. Examples: D&C 88:124-get enough sleep, D&C 89:7- do not drink alcohol, D&C 89:9-do not use tobacco, D&C 89:10-11- eat fruits and vegetables, D&C 89:12- Eat meat sparingly, D&C 89:16-17- eating whole grains.  Explain that by treating our bodies just as special and sacred as our Heavenly Father's temples we are showing him thanks.  Bear testimony of these things.

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