Organization- Be Prepared!

I believe that part of being organized is being prepared.  Both for our Physical needs and for our Spiritual needs.  Starting next Tuesday, I am going to start posting a way to prepare for physical needs, with food storage tips, 72 hour kit ideas, etc.  I am also going to be focusing on one item a week in the "Pursuit of Excellence" booklet.  This is a booklet for Relief Society Sisters to help them set personal goals.
These goals can be used for both men and women.  They are very personal goals, so you will need to decide what goals you would like to work on and what pace you need to accomplish these goals.  I will be posting what goals I will be working on and some ideas of how to accomplish them.  Isn't it a wonderful thing that we can constantly work on improving our selves.  There is no limit. If we use our Heavenly Father's guidance just think how much more we can improve.  Make sure you set, record and evaluate your goals.  If you would like to share them in the comments below, please do so!

"When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates" (see Thomas S. Monson, in Conference Report, Oct. 1970, 107).

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