Halloween Craft- Halloween Container (made from a baby food jar)

What you need:

Empty clean baby food jar
White spray paint
Cream craft paint
Black craft paint
White craft paint
Clear sealant
paint brushes
black thin acid free craft pen

What to do:

Spray the entire outside of the jar with white spray paint
When dry, paint jar cream with craft paint
When dry, draw on spider web with the black craft pen. Then paint highlights with gray paint (mix black and white together to get desired gray color)
When dry paint on the spider with black paint.  Use gray for the mouth and dot eyes white.  Use craft pen to add black dots in eyes and other accents.
Spray with clear coat sealant.
Tie raffia in bow around the top.

Enjoy!  I filled mine with a bunch of spider rings.

I have also made many different designs on the front of these such as: a scarecrow, candy corn, witch, etc.

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