September Sharing Time 2013 Week 3 or 4- When I serve others, I serve God.

Outline for Sharing Time: When I serve other, I serve God.

Cut out all of the words of the printable. Place them on the board in order.  Have the children repeat it.  Then take away a word and have the children say it.  Keep removing a word until the words are all gone and the children can say it without any words on the board.

Use the hand printable. Cut the hands out, cut out the word pieces and put them on the hands.  Each word is written twice.  One goes on the back of the left hand, one goes on the back of the right hand. Place the hands with the color side up and the word side facing the board.  Explain to the children that on the hands are a name of someone we can serve. Have the children play a matching game. (Older kids can read names, younger kids you read the name and they can use the colors to help them match.) Once there is a match ask the child how they could serve that person.  Continue until all hands have been matched.

Bear your testimony on how when we serving others, we are also serving our Heavenly Father.

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