Halloween Craft #5- Halloween Luminaries from recycled jars

This is a craft I actually did with the 8-9 year old girls in activity days when I was their leader.  We made them for the table decorations from the Father and Daughter dinner we were having.  They are a great one to make with kids.

What is needed:
- A Clean jar (As you can see any size will work.  I've used baby food jars, Queso Jars, Spaghetti jars, jam jars, etc.)

-tissue paper (white for mummies and ghosts, orange for pumpkin and yellow, orange and white for candy corn.  Black for eyes)

- Ribbon, or jute to embellish with

-Mod podge


-Paint brushes

What to do:

Cut your tissue paper into strips.  Brush on a layer of mod podge onto the out side of your jar.  Then start placing on the tissue paper.  The mummy you randomly place it on in all kids of directions.  The candy corn goes on horizontal and the pumpkin and ghost you put on horizontally.  Brush a thin layer of mod podge on top on the tissue paper once it is on the jar.  And add any eyes, mouths, etc.  Next you need to paint the top part of the jar, this is usually where the lid would close onto.  You could also use tissue paper here instead.  Finish off by adding jute or ribbon to the top.  Then place a candle in the jar.  We used tea light candles at the party. But for these ones I decorate with at home, I put an fake candle in.  It works just as good,  and there is no flame.

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