Thrifty Thursday - 5 Inexpensive Beauty Tips

We all want to look the best we can, but don't always want to spend a fortune doing so.  Here are some expensive little beauty tips that can help us look great.

Tip 1:  Use baby oil as shaving cream.  I did this the other day and it worked great. It also left my skin so soft.  ** Caution though, it is oil so be careful getting in and out of bah or show it might be slippey** I also mix a little bit of baby oil with some shimmery lotion I have that I think is a little too shimmery.  I applied it to my legs and it maked them smooth and shimmer, but not too much.

Tip 2: Read labels.  Look at the store brand items and compare their ingredients with the name brand. If they are the same and the store brand is cheaper then why not buy it.

Tip 3: Use your make-up multiple ways.  I have a brown eye liner pencil that is also the perfect shade for my eyebrows.  Light eyeshadow could be used for highlights. You can use an old clean wand from mascara as an eye brow brush.

Tip 4: our friend.  Drink enough water each day our body craves it.  About 60 percent of an adult body is made of water. So doesn't it make sense that it is important that we get enough.

Tip 5: Baby Powder use it like dry shampoo.  What I like to do is sprinkle it in my hands and rub them together and apply to roots then brush or comb out.

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