Fabulous Find Friday - Preschool ideas

With all three of my kids I have had the opportunity to do preschool with them at home.  With my oldest I did one year at home with him and then sent him to a school district sponsored preschool which was only $25.00 a month.  When it came to thinking about sending my middle child I had checked around and could not believe how much it cost.  So, I already had all of the stuff from doing it with my oldest, I decided to just do preschool at home with my middle.  It was the best decision I could have made.   I was able to teach him  the things he needed to know and spend that special time with him.  When it came time for kindergarten, he was not behind at all, actually he was one of the top kids.  Now my youngest is that age. I was debating with him whether to do it at home or buck up and pay to send  him, because he is a little more active and a little stubborn. I decided to try doing it at home.  Again, I think I have made the right decision.  We bought him his own pencil pouch and filled it with supplies and he started his preschool the same day the other two started school.  He has been so excited and he has done so well.  So, I think if you schedule a time each day and are going to be consistent with it, I do not see anything wrong with doing preschool at home and not paying someone else to do it.  It gives you the opportunity to spend some one on one time together. To take that special responsibility of teaching your own child.  It really is so rewarding, to watch them progress and succeed.   Soon enough they will be going to kindergarten and grade school. They still get the social aspect also, with friends, siblings, and church.  Also, most county libraries have fee discovery times once a week.  There are so many wonderful preschool resources out there.  I have printed some stuff online.  Here are some of my favorite sites:

First-School.ws - This website is great.  They have so many different resources and they are all free.  All you have to do is print.

DLTK- Has some fun crafts to go along with the letters you will be teaching your preschooler.

Also, the dollar store usually has some preschool activity books and posters.  I purchased an "ABC" and number poster each from the dollar store and they work great.  I have them on the wall where I do preschool and every day we repeat the "abc"'s and the numbers together.  The activity books work great too.  They have them for letter writing, number writing, colors, shapes, sounds, etc.

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