August 2013 Sharing Time- Week 1- The Scriptures teach me how to pray.

August 2013 Sharing Time: Week 1- The Scriptures Teach Me How To Pray.

Start by holding up the scriptures. Ask the primary children what you are holding?  They should answer by saying the scriptures.  Show them an instruction manual for a toy or such, you could even have the toy there (If you desire you could use the instruction manual to put the toy together).  Ask them what it is? After they answer ask them why do we need an instruction manual?  (Answers should include so we know how to put the thing together the correct way) Explain to the children that just like we need an instruction manual to put a toy together the right way we also have an instruction manual that teaches us how to live our lives the right way. This instruction manual is the scriptures.  Heavenly Father wanted us to have these instructions to help us to know how to live our lives the right way, so we could live with him again some day.

One of the things they teach us is how to Pray. You can either play the video of Alma and Amulek and the Rameumptom found here. Or you can use these pictures or these pictures to tell the story of the Zoromites and the Rameumptom.  Emphasize how the Zoromites would climb the tower one person at a time and that they would repeat the same boastful prayer. Ask the children if they think that is how we should pray?  Explain that our Heavenly Father does not want us to just repeat the same words and not think about him any more after that.

Show the First Printable and tell the children that in the scriptures Alma teaches the Zoromites the correct way to pray.  Either read the scripture or ask a primary child who feels comfortable reading to read it. Explain that Heavenly Father wants us to pray always to him.

Show the Next Printable and explain that we do some things when we pray to show reverence and love to our Heavenly Father.  We bow our heads, close our eyes and fold our arms.  When we pray to Heavenly Father we are talking to him. We begin by saying, "Heavenly Father". Have the children show you what they do when they pray (fold arms, close eyes, bow head). Express thanks for there participation.

Now, show the "I Thank Thee For" printable. Explain to the children that we then thank Heavenly Father for the things he has given us.  Ask the children what they are thankful for, remind them to raise their hands.  Then write what they say with a marker on the paper.

Now, show the "I ask thee for" printable.  Explain that we then ask Heavenly Father for the things that we need or need help with, for ourselves and others. We ask having faith that Heavenly Father will answer our prayers. Ask the children some things that they might ask Heavenly Father for and then write them on the paper.
Show the last printable.  Explain that when we are done talking to our Heavenly Father then we end our prayer by saying, " the name of Jesus Christ, Amen"
Bear your testimony to the children about prayer.


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