Thrifty Thursday - Up-cycled plastic grocery bag holder

I have a bunch of containers that used to have protein powder in them.  I have up-cycled them into a few different things.  One of my favorite is a plastic bag holder.  I keep one under the sink in the cupboard of each of my bathrooms.  Because, yes I reuse my plastic grocery bags too, they are the perfect size to fit in my garbage cans.  I love using the protein containers, because even though you wash them they still have the aroma of the flavor of shake mix, which then scents my bags. Here's the one I made for this post and no, not all of the ones I have are all dolled up.

Really simple to do:
Just re-use a container that you have. Empty wipe containers work great too.
I wrote with a permanent marker on the front of mine, but you could paint it on or vinyl it on too.
I put a piece of fabric along the top of mine with some hot glue and added a flower.
Then just stuff them full of all those plastic grocery bags you have!

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