Wisdom Wednesday - Doughnut Cake

Here is a fun and easy treat! I actually made this for my friend, we were celebrating at a park with our kiddos. It was a huge hit with the kids!!! I think they were gone in a matter of seconds.

Basically all I did was start with the chocolate mini doughnuts and place them around the plate in a circle and placing one in the middle.  I just used a paper plate, but it might have been more sturdy had I done it on a normal plate or a cake stand.  Anyways, after the chocolate layer I did the powdered layer, then another chocolate layer, then the powdered.  The last powdered layer had I think one fewer doughnut on it, because I wanted to close in the circle a little bit, since it was the top.  I secured the doughnuts by inserting a tooth pick into each of the top doughnuts. It secured them to the ones below, so when moving the cake they all didn't collapse. Add a candle and there you have it a fun easy cake.

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