Mommy Monday - Father's Day Card Free printable

With Father's Day approaching I thought I better get my kids to make some cards for their Dad and Grandpa's.  So that is what we are doing today.  I made this little printout, well the drawing looks more like a little kid made it, but that is the point right.  I did it black and white so my kids could color on it and make it more personalized.  Then inside is a little daddy poem and a blank page that they can write a little note or draw something.  Sorry, I just did a boy one, because well, that is all I have in my family are crazy little boys.

 Father's Day Card Outside

Father's Day Card Inside

Grandpa Card Outside

When you go to print these, open them and save them to your computer.  Then when you go to print make sure you minimize the borders.  Print the outside first then insert the same paper, following your printers directions for double sided printing and then print the inside.  Or you could just print the outside and put your own thing inside.  Let me know if you have any problems printing.

***I also ask that if you use the poem separately that you credit me or my blog, Thanks!!

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