Thrifty Thursday- Flower Centerpiece

This is an inexpensive centerpiece. That looks great!

You will need:  
-a glass container (this one is  an old rinsed out pickle jar)
-some nice dirt
-an assortment of plastic flowers
-wire clippers
-about a 2inch width piece of tulle

What to do:
-make sure jar has been cleaned and dried, also that all stickers and residue have been removed
-fill container with dirt
- start to assemble the flowers, cutting off some of stems as you go.  Your flowers should be taller in the middle and gradually get shorter as you go out.  
-tie your tulle in a bow around the jar and there you go a fairly easy inexpensive centerpiece

I think total cost on mine was $3.  I bought all the flowers at Dollar Tree.

I had originally made a bunch of these containers to go on the tables for my son's baptism dinner.  But instead of the plastic flowers, I had made paper flowers with wire stems and Rolo candy centers.  They were thank yous for our friends and family to take.

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