Mommy Monday-Chores

Chores!!! Why does that seem to be such an awful word?  Probably because it means work not play.  I am awful with getting my kids to do chores.  I will have them do them for a week or so then, I forget to remind them or life gets busy or I just get tired of fighting with them to do it.  I don't really believe in paying for chores with money, because I think it is their part of being part of the family to help out. I would love to hear some ideas of how you help influence your children to do chores in your home.   So please post a comment!  Here are some fun chore charts and such I have found:
I think this is a pretty cute way to have the kids pick their chores.  I think sometimes they get board of having the same chore over & over again.  Check this out at Whatever Dee Dee Wants.  She has
 a tutorial & free printouts.
This is a cute way to keep track.  I like the to do and the done columns.  I Found this at this link.

I also think it would be fun to have a little award system.  Like after accomplishing their chores for a week they get to pick a fun activity or something.
I also want to come up with some cards that explain each job completely so they can do it right, and I'm not having to redo it :)

So, please share your ideas!  Hope all of you wonderful moms out their had a fabulous Mother's Day!! 

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