Fabulous Find Friday

I've decided that every Friday I am going to post some things I have found that I think are FABULOUS. So here are my first finds:

I found this craft at Lilluna as I was looking for ideas to give my visit teaching sisters (since this months message is about the temple). I didn't end up making them, but I still like the idea and may even make a larger one with different lettering to put on my wall.  This would be a great Activity Days craft or Young Women's crafts.

How incredibly cute are these!!  I found these at Crissy's Crafts.  These would be a great spring craft or a fun Mother's Day craft.  The best part is it is extremely inexpensive, the flowers are made out of recycled water bottles.

Teacher Appreciation week is coming up quickly! This is a cute little ABC Bucket gift from Fairy Tales & Fun.  She had all the parents in the class be involved.  I think you could do a smaller version by yourself if you wanted to.  But what a cute idea.

Door decorating is another fun joy of Teacher Appreciation week.  I think this one is very cute I found it at Room Mom 101,

I love this one and I think I will be doing it for my son's kindergarten teacher. Here's the Link.

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