Christmas Candy Containers

Here are a few variations of containers for Christmas (The snowman my kids are giving to there teachers for Christmas, they helped put them together and drew on the faces):

This is the up-cycled nut container. This is so easy to do. First remove the label and wash your container (the ones I use are Diamond Nut containers, they are all metal and don't have any sharp edges) make sure you thoroughly dry it, if you don't it will rust. Now just cut some scrapbook paper or card stock  2" by 11". If you are doing stenciling now would be the time, (I stenciled the stars). Now you can put double sided tape on the backside on both ends. Secure one end to the container and wrap around overlapping the paper at the end and pressing down to secure with the tape. Now you can add any embelishment to the container (this is also when we drew the faces onto the snowman with markers, I rosied the cheeks with a q-tip or small cotton ball and blush).

For the lid there are a few variations I have done. I have mod podged the whole top of the lid with scrapbook paper, I have glued down just the center of the lid with scrap book paper and for the snowman I glued a fleece hat onto the lid.  To do the snowman hat. measure around the top of the lid and cut out the fleece fabric to that measurment plus 1/2 inch. The height of the hat is about 5 or so inches, make it however tall you'd like. Then you are going to hot glue the fleece around the hat overlapping the fabric at the end and then hot glue the two overlaped ends together, all the way up. Now put a little bit of batting in there and tie off with yarn, ribbon, jute, whatever you have handy.  Now the fabric that is the top portion of the hat you will need to cut down almost to the tie off, every inch or so. Last use some of that "furry", "fluffy: yarn and trim around the bottom of the hat.

For the other contaimers I trimmed the sides of the lids with 3 strands of jute, finishing it off with a bow or a knot.

Just fill with your favorite Christmas treats, attach a tag and deliver!


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