Lunch Bag Snowman Decoration

Okay so this one is a super easy, inexpensive decoration. I thought it would be great for a kid’s craft. All you need is:

· Brown paper lunch bag (I actually used the small bag)

· Acrylic paints (white, orange, red-or whatever color you would like the hat to be)

· Black Marker

· Jute

· 2 or so plastic bags

· Paint brushes

· scissors

First, start at the bottom and paint the bag 1/3 the way up white (to get a little antiquish effect don't put as much paint on your brush). Make sure you paint the bottom of the bag white too. Then take the color you are using for the hat and pain the rest of the bag that color. After this dries it is time to paint on the face. I used a permanent black marker and just drew on the eyes and the mouth. The nose I painted on with some orange paint. Last I added a little detail and sparkle into the eye with a white paintbrush, if you had a white paint marker you could do this easily with that too. Next, stuff your snowman with plastic bags. For my small snowman I used two bags. Then you will gather and tie the hat, leaving about 2 inches at the top. You then need to start at the top and cut down to the tie about every inch or so. And there you have it a fun little decoration. Please let me know if you need any more instructions or clarification on anything.

1 comment:

  1. This would be great for my fourth graders. I could even save some time by buying white lunch bags at Costco. You have great ideas!


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