Fun Kid Travel Chalk Boards & Crayon Case

So, chalkboard paint is amazing!! I thought of this fun craft and thought it would make a great present for Christmas! I just bought some clipboards and some chalkboard paint. I painted the clipboards with a few coats of the chalkboard paint. When it was dry, I then conditioned the chalkboard (rubbed chalk onto the chalkboard, wiped with an eraser, then wiped clean with a damp cloth). Then I used some scrapbook paper and mod podge to embellish. Lastly I painted their names onto the chalkboard. I attached a piece of chalk with some ribbon. By using the clipboard they can use it as a chalkboard and also secure paper onto it to color with crayons.

I also made these fun crayon boxes. My children love them.


  1. What a GREAT idea! I have not used chulkboard paint yet... but I totally want to!

  2. I love this!! How did you make the crayon box? I'd love to give that one a try!


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