Since this month is Thanksgiving month, I thought I would devote my posts to blessings and gratitude. I truely believe that they are very important subjects and we should think about them all year round!

Sometimes we forget about how blessed we really are. We get caught up in everyday life and at times seem to focus more on the hardships or the things we desire and are lacking. It is nice to stop and truely think about all that we really have. When we focus more on our blessings it helps us grow spiritually and emotionally. I have read many articles on being healthy and they all say to focus on the positives and good things of life. What is more positive than thinking about all of our blessings?

A great way to do this is writing in a journal or even just making a list every so often on all that we have. Another great thing is prayer and focusing our prayers and showing and expressing gratitude to our Heavenly Father for all that he has given us in our lives!

I have been so blessed in my life, at times I wonder why Heavenly Father has blessed me so much. If we think about all of the little things that we have, then hopefully we will realize how truely blessed we are. Remember, there is always someone who is going through a bigger trial or who is in more need than we are.


  1. Isn't that true. I guess we always have to be reminded of how truely blessed we are. I know I'm blessed to have 3 Wonderful Children and that they each found someone to merry that I consider My own also. I'm very blessed to be the grandma to 4 of the best looking and smartest of God's children. I Love each so very much. Thank you for the reminder Kim. Love ya

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