Fun Crafts!!! (Miss Spider)

I thought that it would be fun to post some crafts on the blog! I love crafting and I know a lot of you do too. So lets put our creative minds to work and post some ideas. I think that I will do this every month.

Here is a fun little craft that me and my little boy did together. It is quick, simple and fun.

Miss Spider

All you need is:

A large black pom pom ball
Two googly eyes
Small pom pom (for nose)
Two black pipe cleaners
Glue gun & glue stick

To assemble:
Cut pipe cleaners in half. Then at the ends of each bend at about 1/2 an inch in and then bend the opposite way about 1/2 an inch. These will make the legs. Glue the legs with a hot glue gun on the bottom of the pom pom all in a row next to each other. Then you can form them and spread them out so they look like legs and let the spider stand. Now glue your eye and nose and bow on. She is complete!

Please feel free to share your fun projects!!!

1 comment:

  1. looks good Kim and Jaden, We used to make these when you were little and put them all over the web. I'll give you some ideas as I come up with them. Have a great day


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